PARTYNEXTDOOR Feels The “Pressure Of Love” In “F o r  C e r t a i n” Music Video

PARTYNEXTDOOR has dropped the official “F o r C e r t a i n” music video.

Directed by Edgar Daniel, the sultry visual picks up where the “R e a l W o m a n” music video left off. In the clip, the 30-year-old takes his chances looking for romance at a steamy party.

In search of a good time, PND unknowingly becomes the victim of party drugs. Viewers are transported to the singer’s blurred thoughts as he attempts to piece together his night. A woman’s voice then shares a message as the events continue.

“Those guys, they walk around acting like gods,” the narrator details as the video showcases multiple women drugging, schmoozing, and entertaining men, in turn essentially stealing their money. “You wouldn’t believe the sh*t they get away with, and they’re still up in the club. That’s why we can do this — again, again, again, and again — because, to them, it’s just another night. But to us, it’s all about money.”

In the end, the “underground crime ring” is arrested and mug-shots put on display.

Photo Credit: @love4rico

“F o r C e r t a i n” is one of 14 tracks on PND’s latest album PARTYNEXTDOOR 4, released on Friday (April 26). The anticipated drop caused a stir with a NSFW album cover, featuring the back of a nude woman lying in bed. The model featured, known on social media as MaamiNextDoor shared pride in being the Canadian musician’s “muse.”

“I want my fans to experience this album in a way that allows them to take exactly what they need from it,” detailed the R&B singer of P4 in a press statement. “Whatever they are going through… relationships, whatever it is – when they listen to this album, they can use my stories to learn from and relate to.”

Watch the “F o r C e r t a i n” music video above and check out PARTYNEXTDOOR 4 below.