Discover “Your Christmas” By Hot Mondy

Hot Mondy recently dropped a new, moving single titled “Your Christmas”. The band delivers a gift to all who are down, uplifting them with their song. Front and center lyrics that speak words of encouragement and original, powerful musical score that can piece back together a broken heart, Hot Mondy manages to comfort the listeners and impress the world. 

Soulful, unpredictable and full of emotion, Hot Mondy’s music is as authentic and beautiful as it can be. The Canadian band has been on a streak this year, releasing hit after hit including “Pale Ember”, “Desert Moonlight” and their Halloween special “Vampire”. The five members give their all, throwing in their creativity, excitement and passion for music and that creates an unspoken harmony noticeable in all their songs.

“Your Christmas” is a must-have in everyone’s Christmas playlist as it is not just meaningful but also beautiful, emotional and heartwarming. 

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