Rob Edward’s “Suit And Tie” Exceeds All Expectations

“Suit And Tie”, Rob Edward’s latest single, was produced by multi-platinum artist Iceberg Beatz and has over 60K streams across platforms. It is one of a kind, thrilling song with strong beats and a serious melody. Memorable and original, “Suit And Tie” tells the story of a man who is motivated to overcome his old lifestyle of drugs and crime, who has chosen a different path and now wears a “suit and tie” and is proud of himself. 

The song opens with Daniel Vivas Ceron (North America’s largest convicted fentanyl supplier) on a video call with Rob Edward, telling him about prison life and how one needs to choose whether they want to wear orange uniforms or a suit and tie. Diving in, Rob Edward raps on while the music sets a serious mood overall. Meaningful and vibrant creation, “Suit And Tie” is the artist’s expression and is set to conquer the world. 

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