Ciara Updates Fans On Her Weight Loss Goals

Ciara has a particular goal in mind after giving birth to her fourth child: losing some weight, specifically a mission to drop 70 pounds. Of course, this isn’t necessary for her beauty or image, nor should weight be the standard of acceptance or self-worth for anyone, but if you have a goal in mind that you want to achieve for your own satisfaction and personal fulfillment, then who’s to stop you from chasing it? Moreover, the singer gave us an Instagram photo dump on Thursday (April 25), in which she included a snap of a scale that seemed to indicate her weight: 181.4 pounds. Furthermore, this falls in line with a previous post in which she wanted to hold herself to this standard and outlined this goal with her followers.

“Trying to lose 70lbs post baby, prepare for a show and tour while breastfeeding, and running my businesses…” Ciara captioned a post from about two weeks ago. “Shout out to all my mammas out there gettin in, I see you! ToughSh$t. #MambaMentality.” However, we don’t know if this 180-pound weight reflects her weight when she posted this, when she posted the photo dump, or both. As such, maybe the Texas native is farther along on this journey than we know. Either way, the family is undergoing a lot of exciting changes right now, so we’re sure she’s got her head up in any case.

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Ciara’s Newest Photo Dump

Elsewhere, another superstar recently reflected on a brief, since-resolved, but nonetheless spicy beef that she had with Ciara all the way back in 2011. “Do you miss being on the Internet, like, really on the Internet?” Interview Magazine editor-in-chief Mel Ottenberg asked Rihanna, for whom Ottenberg used to be a stylist. “Like, ‘Good luck booking that stage you speak of’ Internet? Because you were so good at it,” Ottenberg remarked, referencing the small spat between the musicians in which the Goodies star claimed she ignored her backstage at an event. “The troll in me, she had a time,” RiRi responded. “Unfortunately, you can’t take anything back from the Internet, so I will always have the reminders, but the best troll in me is the silent troll.”

Previous Weight Loss Goals

Meanwhile, we wish the 38-year-old the best on achieving her goals and doing all this for herself and herself alone. What are some other wholesome family moments that you’ve enjoyed seeing from her, in photo dumps or otherwise? Whatever the case, let us know down in the comments section below. Also, log back into HNH for the latest news and more updates on Ciara.

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