Statik G Teases Upcoming Album With Latest Singles “Smoke Drank Fuck,” “Stay tf Away,” “Anxious,” “Leave Me Alone,” and “Fml”

One of the most ingenious artists in the industry, Statik G has been building a dedicated fanbase over a series of hit releases, among which his most streamed track, the brilliant “Stay tf Away” ft Rittz. 

He has also released “Smoke Drank Fuck,” “Anxious,” “Leave Me Alone,” and “Fml” ft Doobie, all to be featured on his next album Gene Therapy – Final Chapter, rumored to drop in the coming weeks. 

The American musician, rapper, hip hop artist, and entrepreneur has been serving these exciting sonic concoctions thanks to his raw talent and versatility, but also thanks to his fresh and modern take on urban culture. Catchy and authentic, he blends the extremes to invent his own sound, from gangsta rap and drill to hip hop and R&B, to rock and punk rock, something few artists can claim to have done with such swag. 

The former drug dealer, survivor, and full-time hustler also happens to be the founder and CEO of RhymeSick. 

Stream his latest releases below: