YG Says He Honors Nipsey Hussle Privately: ‘I want to let the homie rest’

YG has been doing promo for his upcoming album My Life 4 Hunnid. He was recently interviewed by The Los Angeles Times and shared some insight into his state of mind regarding his friend, the late Nipsey Hussle.

YG says he has chosen to celebrate Nipsey in private and through his music. “I want to let the homie rest,” he said. “I’m not gonna fall back and just talk about bro in interviews. Not just in breath, but on my records.”

The Compton MC paid homage to Nipsey in his album 4REAL 4REAL on the track “My Last Words (Nipsey Tribute).” The track was actually a spoken word from Nipsey’s memorial service.

YG also shed some insight on his 2016 protest anthem “Fuck Donald Trump,” that has been gaining traction ahead of the 2020 election. YG recalled a conversation with Nip before the track was released. Unsure about whether or not to put it out, YG asked Nipsey what he thought. According to YG, Nip said “We already get backlash. We already can’t do this and this and this. So f— it, let’s make it worth something.”

In the interview, YG also shared what fans can expect of his upcoming album. He says he has grown out of the turn-up and club records that made him famous, and feels as if he needs to talk about the current political climate in the United States.

“I can’t come with my regulars, turnt up and lit,” he explained. “I had to go tap into that. I’m so used to being like ‘I don’t give a fuck, fuck you, boom bam.’ Now I’m like, ‘Damn, I’ve got to really go get into some emo shit.”

My Life 4 Hunnid is set to release this Friday, October 2nd. Last week YG dropped the first single from the album, entitled “Out On Bail.”