YFN Lucci’s Friend Seemingly Confirms He Is Single

It has been a while since we have heard an update on the status of YFN Lucci’s case. Earlier this year the rapper was arrested on gang charges causing fans to wonder if 22-year-old Reginae Carter will hold the rapper down. As the rapper is being held without bond, posts from both Reginae and Lucci have no indication that the couple is still going strong.

Recently, a recording of Lucci surfaced on the internet after a friend alluded to the rapper being single in an Instagram post.  “This b**** call me everyday 24/7 all da time can y’all ladies talk to dis N**** … so he can stop calling me,” he stated.

“Reginae having a hot girl summer, as she should,” one user commented.

“She young! She don’t need to waste her life holding him down in jail,” another commented.

While no one has officially confirmed if Lucci and Reginae are apart, his friend’s comments sure do make it hard to believe they are together. What do you think? Check out the video here.