Saucy Santana Calls Out Joe Budden Over “Walk” Single

Aside from being a close friend of The City Girls, Saucy Santana has been making a name for himself after stepping into the music industry, representing the LGBTQ+ community. Since his breakout the rapper has been creating hype for himself with singles such as “Walk Em Like a Dog,” “Up & Down,” “Its a Vibe,” “Here We Go,” and his most popular, “Walk.”

When “Walk” was originally made, a lot of fans assumed that Santana was making fun of Rolling Ray’s disability after the two went into a back and forth on social media. While Santana has denied the accusations, the success of the single has been good for the rapper with TikTok challenges and getting love from celebrities such as Nicki Minaj.

With all love…comes hate. While Saucy Santana was celebrating his recent performance at Rolling Loud Miami last week, the rapper found himself responding to comments made by Joe Budden about his success.

“I’ve heard [“Walk”], and then they said, ‘Do you know that it’s a diss song to Rolling Ray?’ I don’t know Rolling Ray either, but I know he’s in a wheelchair,” Budden said on his podcast.

“@joebudden stay out them blogs, Brody!!!” Santana responded. “WALK is NOT a diss record! It’s a HIT record! Let’s use our brains. You’ve seen every big celebrity support this record. U really thought it was a handicap diss? No one sided beef it worth enough time to diss.”

Check out the clip here.