“Certified Lover Boy” Is On The Way According to Drake

It’s not the month of February, but love is in the air as Drake’s Certified Lover Boy is almost here. According to the 6 God, his forthcoming album is mixed, mastered, and complete. Drake dropped the bomb on the Sirius XM Sound 42.  

“Album’s cooked,” clarified Drake on the Fri Yiy Friday radio show. “Looking forward to delivering it to you.”

He continued, “I hope everybody in the world is blessed. I hope everybody has their drinks, everyone’s locked in. Good vibes and good energy for this weekend,” he continued. “And for the rest of you heathens, I wanna tell you, ’cause I know you’re listening, don’t trouble people’s kids, don’t bother people’s soul. Know what I’m sayin’?”

“OVO, we aim for that head. We don’t aim to please. Certified Lover Boy on the way. And that’s for anyone in the way.”

Fans have expressed that they hope the project arrives sooner than later, and of course, there comes the speculation that CLB will drop on the same day as DONDA. We don’t expect that to happen, but Drake previously promised that his work of art would be released by summer’s end. Time’s ticking.

Fans believe that Drake will drop CLB on Aug 6, which is the same day Kanye West drops DONDA, and when Nas drops King’s Disease’ II.

Another fan, whose birthday is assumed to be on August 6 felt extremely excited. 

Do you think Certified Lover Boy will arrive on Aug 6, the same day Ye and Nas are set to release?