Verzuz Battle With The LOX Gave Jim Jones COVID-19

During a new episode of the Drink Champs podcast, Jim Jones speaks on his previous Verzuz battle against The LOX. They famously battled it out in NYC in 2021. Unfortunately for Jones, an L isn’t the only thing he caught that night. In a preview of the new episode, Jones says that he also contracted COVID-19. “I caught Covid after the Verzuz,” he explained. “That was the only time I got Covid. The LOX gave me Covid. On top of everything that night, they gave me Covid. I couldn’t win for nothing.

Earlier this year, Jim Jones also revealed that he wants Dipset to have another go at the trio. “I don’t think that energy will ever be duplicated outside of New York unless we go for the rematch, you heard?” he explained. “Last time, there was a lot going on. The venue was way too small. There were people on my back. There were people on people’s shoulders in there.”

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Jim Jones Contracted COVID-19 From Verzuz Battle

Though it hasn’t been confirmed, fans would certainly look forward to a rematch. The battles are scheduled to pick back up again next month, when Diddy takes on Jermaine Dupri at Madison Square Garden. Swizz Beatz has previously hinted at a potential rematch, so it’s not completely off the table. COVID-19 seemed to hit Jim Jones pretty hard, based on his social media posts. He shared the news with his followers in August of 2021.

“I urge everybody to stay safe out there,” he began, “COVID is real.” “I was runnin’ ’round here thinking I was Superman and COVID knocked the socks off Superman,” he continued. “So I urge and encourage everybody to please continue to mask up, please continue with hand sanitizer, social distance as much as you can, try to stay away from as many packed and crowded places. This sh*t is no joke. I really felt it and I don’t want nobody to feel like how I felt.”

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