Vince Staples Explains That He Doesn’t Let Women Come To His House

Many celebrities take an extremely public approach to their public life and it often backfires. That’s why some are obsessed with maintaining their privacy as much as possible and Vince Staples is no different. The notoriously private rapper has spoken often about his insistence on keeping details to himself. In a new interview with Complex though, he takes it to an even further extent.

In the clip that’s making the rounds online Vince Staples is specifically talking about being private with his residence. According to his own estimation less than 5 people know his actual address and that number has never included the women he’s dating. When someone suggest that Vince’s female friends may come over to his house he quickly shuts it down. He suggests that if you bring somebody to your house then they know where it is forever and that can cause problems in the future. Vince’s mother and sister are two of the only people allowed to know about his residency.

Vince Staples Is Secretive About His House

In the comments of the interview, many fans agree with Vince’s approach. “He’s protecting his Peace and Energy, your home is not supposed to have a revolving door,” reads one of the top comments. “Right! I never been big on letting everyone know where you stay!” agrees another. Just yesterday it was announced that Vince Staples would be the newest artist to join The Alchemist on his “Craft Singles” series. The physical singles series dates back to 2016 as has featured a number of major artists along the way. Vince has long been a collaborator of The Alchemist and the pair have teamed up on numerous tracks.

Early last year Vince Staples released his new album RAMONA PARK BROKE MY HEART. The 16-track project featured Mustard, Ty Dolla $ign, and Lil Baby and contained one of his biggest songs to date in “MAGIC.” That project was a follow-up to his self-titled 2021 album which was a short collaborative project with Kenny Beats. What do you think of Vince Staples approach to his privacy as a public figure? Let us know in the comment section below.

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