Dana White Revisits Idea Of Hosting Musk V Zuckerberg At The Colosseum

One of the more bizarre elements of the ongoing saga concerning an MMA fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg came in mid-June. Reportedly, someone within the office of the Italian Minister of Culture had reached out to Zuckerberg’s team to offer the Colosseum as a venue for the fight. Zuckerberg’s team reportedly passed the offer on to Dana White. After TMZ broke the story, the Italian government quickly denied the story. Furthermore, renowned Roman archaeologist Dr. Darius Arya believed that the idea was a) impossible and b) likely to face major resistance from the Italian populace.

However, the idea isn’t dead according to White. “I actually did have a meeting with the Minister of Culture’s team in Italy to actually hold that fight in the Colosseum if it would happen. We’re talking,” White told TMZ this week. “Think about how big that fight is — two of the richest, most powerful guys in the fucking world are gonna fight on the biggest stage ever. Who the fuck doesn’t wanna see that fight?? … That’s the kind of fight your fucking grandmother would watch that fight.”

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Is Musk V Zuckerberg Happening?

However, despite White’s bold claim, we’re still no closer to the fight actually happening. Musk and Zuckerberg are both training for the fight, despite there not being a confirmed event, date, or location. Many people believe that the fight will be part of the proceedings for next year’s UFC 300. However, a rival promotion just put out an announcement that could throw a spanner in the UFC’s plans.

Bellator, widely considered UFC’s primary MMA rival, announced their main card for Bellator 300 on August 9. The event in San Diego will feature four title fights involving eight established and well-respected fighters. That’s a massive win for the promotion, showcasing their ability to put on marquee events. However, it also throws down the gauntlet for the UFC. When they reach UFC 300 next year, they need to top what Bellator is able to put on. And therein the problem lies – Musk v. Zuckerberg brings you money, but it doesn’t bring you pedigree. It’s a gimmick fight and putting it into an event like UFC 300 will only serve to hurt the brand’s reputation.