Lil Jon Plays Unreleased Collaboration With Ludacris and Usher on Instagram Live Battle With T-Pain

Another Instagram Live battle went down and this time Lil Jon and T-Pain entered the ring. The battle certainly didn’t disappoint, but Lil Jon ended the duel victoriously.

The highlight of the epic moment was when the Crunk OG played an unreleased Ludacris and Usher collaboration. To make the moment even more savory, the song was written by Jermaine Dupri!

T-Pain also teased a new slow jam solo track plus catchy song with Chris Brown called “Wake Up Dead.”

There were over 200,000 users tuned into the battle, and Lil Jon shared some stories about how certain songs came about like Trillville’s “Some Cut.”


Things got really awkward though when the Atlanta producer urged followers to avoid vaccines at all cost, followed by T-Pain playing R. Kelly.

Despite the slight controversy, this was one of the best-received battles, followed by Johnta Austin and Ne-Yo’s battle.

Were you tuned in?