Kai Cenat Claps Back At iShowSpeed With Aggressive Diss Track

The streamer wars continue. Kai Cenat and iShowSpeed are two of the most popular streamers on Twitch, and they’ve decided to capitalize on the rap beefs dominating pop culture by staging a beef of their own. iShowSpeed struck first with a diss that saw him leak Cenat’s phone number. He followed it up with another diss, Drake style, but Cenat finally responded on April 26. The streamer went all out with the production design, and actually dressed up as a samurai to bomb on his opponent.

Cenat performed his diss during a live stream, over a booming drum beat and pitched up vocal sample. He goes after iShowSpeed’s intelligence (or lack thereof) multiple times, with bars about getting horrible grades in high school. He also clowns his fellow streamer for striking out with a girl. “She was in college, and you had no knowledge,” he asserts. We’re not dealing with wordsmiths here, and it shows. Kai Cenat does bring the showmanship, though. In addition to his samurai costume, he decks out his background with flowers and fake grass. He even urges iShowSpeed to go outside and “touch some grass” while pointing at his prop.

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Kai Cenat Responded To iShowSpeed’s Second Diss

The diss tracks between Cenat and Speed have been flying back and forth for months. The former actually started it by dissing Speed over the beat to 50 Cent‘s “In da Club.” Speed responded quickly, then ran it back with a second diss in which he brings up phone numbers (get it). “What’s your number, Tyla,” Speed mockingly sings in reference to Cenat’s failed attempt to woo Tyla. Cenat tried to ask the singer out on a date during a live stream, and she turned him down. “She said no! She said no, Kai,” he adds. Speed’s second diss and Cenat’s response actually dropped within hours of each other.

Kai Cenat has been getting it from all directions lately. The streamer was recently called out by Kanye West for criticizing his clothing line, and dubbed an “industry plant” by the rap icon. Cenat denied these claims and defended his stance on Ye’s clothes. “Ye, just send me some new pants bro,” he said on a recent stream. “Like no cap… I’m far from an industry plant. I done got this sh*t out the mud.” Both men are engaged in rap beefs, though, so there probably won’t be much more to the Cenat vs. West saga.

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