Joe Budden Responds to Court Documents Suggesting He Masturbated His Dog

Ever since Joe Budden called out Spotify, he has been at the center of negative headlines. I’m not saying that the former rapper was gearing up to buy the company, but the sequence of events is definitely a coincidence.

First his ex-girlfriend, Tahiry Jose, accused him of being physically abusive and breaking her nose. There was also a leak conversation between the podcast host and his child’s mother and ex-fiancee, Cyn Santana proving her claims that he “dragged her.”

Santana didn’t try to clear Joe’s name and deny the allegations, but she gave us an idea of how the audio “leaked” on the Internet. “I confided in someone that i considered a sister. I confided in someone that, in my eye looked like someone that was genuinely trying to help me and my son and and just helped me figure my life out, you know,” the reality star said in an Instagram livestream.

Joe did his own Instagram live stream and doubled down on “Cynthia’s” claims on the leaker. “Cynthia looked for guidance in a friend or so she thought was a friend somebody that had been around me for years and years and years and years,” Budden said.

He continued, “In the middle of this breakup this friend will call it for now this friend chose that opportunity to be opportunistic and to leverage my breakup in an attempt to manage Cynthia’s music career. So rocky with her slimy nasty f*cking a** slithered her way into a very vulnerable impressionable hurt and emotional Cynthia.”

He also took the time out to address the allegations that he inappropriately touched his dog.

Now that everyone has said their piece, what are your thoughts on the whole ordeal? Is Joe Budden getting “cancelled”?