[FROM THE ISSUE] SOURCE SPORTS Presents What’s Next in The World of Sports

Fortune favors the bold, and the same can be said about the youth. Sports fans are always looking for the next big thing, whether it’s a football player like Patrick Mahomes, a basketball player like Giannis Antetokounpo, or a boxer who will measure up to  Anthony Joshua.

To see the future, you have to be currently present. Trends are set by those who pave the way towards their future. Hard work and dedication to perfecting one’s craft are prerequisites towards greatness.

Some have already accomplished a lot—and they’re still in their mid-teens and early twenties—while others are just on the verge of becoming the next, great once-in-a-generation talent.

For the Future issue of The Source, we selected ten athletes who have shown every measure of being a future icon in their respective sport. The future athlete will have to do more than just have a nice jump shot or have a sweet right hook. He or she will have to be vocal on and off the court. 

They’re already head and shoulders above their peers, and there’s every reason to expect that these ten youngsters —the best of the best at each age— will dominate headlines and stat lines for years (and decades) to come. 

All ten athletes featured in this piece could become household names before 2020. All could also have faded from our memories three years from now. You can’t become great without shooting your shot. These leaders of the new school are brash, hungry and ready to leave their mark on the game. 

Whether you’re a fan of them or not, appreciate what you’re seeing because they could all go down as some of the best in their sport. The future is now and these athletes got next.