Baby Bling! 50 Cent Copped a Diamond Chain for His Son’s 7th Birthday

It must be amazing to be a child of rap royalty.

50 Cent, one of Hip-Hop’s most successful acts in multiple fields, is passing on the gift of glam to his youngest son, Sire Jackson. For the 7th birthday of his pint-sized offspring, 50 went all out with diamond chain gift that clocked in at a whopping $50,000 USD according to The Blast.

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SIRE Little BOSS DRIP?#lecheminduroi #bransoncognac

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The chain (seen above) is a classic nameplate, complete with “SIRE” spelled out in diamonds and encased in cherry red packaging. The young baller, who even has his own Instagram account, is frequently seen on 50’s highly-active page being the happy-go-lucky kid that is expected when your dad is a multimillionaire and a certified legend to the Hip-Hop community. Whether he’s flying out to who-knows-where on a private jet rocking a fur coat with pops (pictured), having lunch with mommy at the prestigious restaurant Harry Cipriani in NYC, or just lounging around the crib barefoot in some jammies that might cost more than most people’s rent, we’re just glad to see that Sire is enjoying life in his prime years of fun. Must be nice, kiddo!

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