Flo Milli Revamps “Never Lose Me” Again By Adding Cardi B & SZA

Flo Milli has been absolutely popping since the release of her hit single “Never Lose Me.” While it is a simple song at its core and a theme we have heard before in female hip-hop, it is so damn catchy. Fans are in agreeance, as the November 30 release has garnered over 166 million streams on Spotify. To help bring more excitement to the track, Flo Milli has recruited Cardi B and SZA for a new “remix.”

This is now the third time that the Mobile, Alabama rapper and singer has redone the track. On Christmas Eve, Flo grabbed Lil Yachty and Bryson Tiller to add their unique flare to the uber-sexual single. This latest edition with the two hip-hop mistresses is now tied for the longest runtime out of everyone rendition, standing at 2:45. Milli does a great job incorporating her guests’ parts, as neither of them overstay their welcome.

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Listen To “Never Lose Me” By Flo Milli, Cardi B, & SZA

Cardi B brings her lighter tone to the track, complementing the more delicate production. SZA is a natural fit as well, as she is on her toxic behavior that he has showcased a lot in the past. Furthermore, this edition, along with the OG, are the ones that make the cut for Flo’s new album Fine Ho, Stay. This is now the third installment in the Ho series, with the previous ones being You Still Here ? and why is you here ?

What are your thoughts on this brand-new song, “Never Lose Me,” by Flo Milli, Cardi B, and SZA? Is this one of her strongest tracks in recent memory, why or why not? What is your favorite element of the song and why? Do you think the original version, or one of the other remixes is better? What are your thoughts so far on Fine Ho, Stay? We would like to hear what you have to say, so be sure to leave your takes in the comments section. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding Flo Milli. Finally, stay with us for everything the most informative song posts throughout the week.

Quotable Lyrics:

From the ‘burb but I suck it like Suki (Mmm)
From the ‘burb but I buss it like Juvie (Mmm)
Throw it back while he talkin’ me through it
Stiff on your ho, your n**** been a groupie
Told me he don’t never wanna lose me (Oh yes, I know)
I know

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