ZeXzy Reaches Thousands With “Obsession”

The Nigerian rising star ZeXzy hits tens of thousands of streams with “Obsession”, his latest single that encapsulates the best of Afrobeat, pop, and even hip-hop. The sensual single opens with chanting, followed by Natasha Gartner’s vocal performance in which she speaks for multitudes of ladies who desire the God of Obsession’s attention.

Demonstrating his exceptional voice in full, ZeXzy created one beautiful piece that’s quickly gaining massive traction with publications in the most prestigious press (Billboard) and tons of positive feedback from fans around the world. The “free-flowing summer-friendly jam,” as the artist called “Obsession”, has been trending on many charts ever since release and we have been loving it!

Music comes naturally to ZeXzy. Every one of his creations is an emotion-evoking and deep piece that offers introspection alongside entertainment. Let’s see what’s next for ZeXzy!

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