Eccentric DJ-Producers Duo Eflorem Release Their Version Of JackEl’s “We Belong” On Soundcloud

Two of the most talented DJs in the circuit, Heather Worden and Dewey McManus, aka Eflorem brought JackEl’s “We Belong” a brilliant remix that gave the single a utopian ambiance filled with strong synths and amazing sequences. 

The track “We Belong” has seen a surging remix of more than ten and Eflorem’s version stands out for their signature bass house style that takes the listener to a magical space. The pair take the thrilling song and turn it upside down while leaving JackEl’s main rhythmic melodies that are the core highlights of “We Belong.”

Eflorem has been on a steady rise ever since they were formed in Massachusetts, Boston, releasing original bass house-heavy tracks and working with some of the biggest networks as high-level audio post-production specialists. Their collaborations include History Channel, Roger TV, Deep End Radio and more. As a musical group, they have managed to accumulate more than 11k listeners per month with singles reaching more than 60k streams. 

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