Nasser Takes The Lead With New Single “One More Chance?”

Nasser, an Orlando-native recording artist, producer, and entrepreneur, just released his third single, “One More Chance?,” which was produced by Brian Baso and Doug Woodrow and written by Nasser. The song has received a lot of press attention, and Nasser’s popularity has skyrocketed since its release. “One More Chance?” is a full-fledged musical representation of Nasser’s life experiences and influences. Nasser’s top assets include his raw talent, dedication to art, and meticulous approach, while lyrically focusing on the toughest and most profound challenges life has thrown at him.

Nasser seduces with a daring and honest attitude, including exposing his most vulnerable side to the audience, only to delve deep within himself and provide a truly alternative way of thinking, utilizing music as a therapy, in today’s industry, which is primarily saturated with superficiality.

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