Chief Moquiuix’s New Urban Release Are Just Stunning and producer Chief Moquiuix keeps inspiring the crowds by dropping several stunning new tracks. Titled “On Edge,” “Irrational,” “Buenos Diaz,” “Vagos” and “Radicalism,” the Chief displays his prolificity and strong penchant for meaningful lyricism. Meaning ‘The Intoxicated Chaman’ or ‘The Drunken Lord,’ and pronounced MO-key-Weesh, Moquiuix is proud of his Mexican heritage dating it back to the Toltec people and their endless wisdom. 

Fans can also enjoy watching the songs released alongside music videos on Moquiuix’ YouTube channel

With a strong fan base expanding by the day, Chief Moquiuix’ latest releases all point out to his inspiring potential as an upcoming rapper with a real vision and philosophy to share through his special sound.