Listen to Spaz’s New Hit Single “Im Good”

An anthem for the summer, Spaz has just released a new hit single titled “Im Good.” With a name as comforting as this, fans can expect a true hit for the summer adventures. The track features Rocc and plenty of good feels. It is a message to all his fans to keep things moving and keep a positive attitude.

The artist has a knack for blending rap and melodic tunes into a hit piece. It offers the perfect dose of rap, hip-hop, and swag, as the artist flawlessly spills his words. Highlighting his vocals spreading across sonic wonders, the artist is sure to become a staple on many playlists.

The hit track was matched with a compelling music video offering a laid-back atmosphere to his fans. The visuals feature Spaz as he transforms his thoughts into words and his words into lyrical genius.

Bound with excitement, emotion, and impulse, Spaz is unquestionably making his way through the crowds and setting his name up on lists. With relatable lyrics and memorable tunes, and a touch of prowess from Rocc, “Im Good” is a hit for the masses.