Yung Miami Claps Back Hard At Critic Of Her Twerking

Artists receive quite a bit of criticism online. While it’s sometimes deserved they also get their fair share of undue hate. That’s why it can be ultra satisfying sometimes to see an artist clap back at someone deserving of it when they hit with a less than valid criticism. That was the case with a recent tweet made about Yung Miami. “Caresha just be outside doing anything. That’s why that career is flopping like it is. Every d*mn second this b*tch in the club shaking her ass instead of working on her craft,” the tweet reads.

Unsurprisingly, Miami had something to hit right back with. “I was at my hosting collecting my coins. having a mf ball” she replied. In the comments of an Instagram post recapping even events, fans stand up for Miami. “Idk why yall acting like JT ain’t the one who wanted to be a rapper fr. Caresha held it dwn and now she’s doing her and JT is focused on her solo career it’s nothing wrong with that.” one of the top comments on the post reads. “Y’all be worrying about the wrong thing… mind y’all broke business” another top comment agrees. Check out the Twitter back and forth below.

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Yung Miami Isn’t Taking Fan Criticism Lying Down

Last week, Yung Miami shared a throwback look to Instagram to share some throwback pics from her high school days. While fans thought it was nice to see the throwback, they also honed in on a claim she made. She appeared to say that she was driving as a 14-year-old high school freshman. Subsequently, fan’s expressing disbelief in the comments just caused her to hone in and double down on her claims. Since then, the Instagram post containing the throwback photos has been deleted.

What do you think of Yung Miami clapping back hard at a fan who criticized her? Do you think she should spend more time in the studio working on her artistry? Let us know in the comment section below.

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