NBA YoungBoy Receives New Charges In Fraud & Gun Case

NBA YoungBoy just received some more charges added to his fraud and gun possession case, which currently has him reportedly in federal custody without bail. Moreover, according to KUTV, he received another felony charge of firearm possession as a restricted individual, as well as two more counts of obtaining prescription drugs through fraudulent means. For those unaware, authorities arrested the Baton Rouge rapper in Utah earlier in April, and he received 63 initial charges related to an alleged fraud scheme in which he supposedly faked doctors’ prescription in order to obtain drugs. Given his previous legal circumstances regarding house arrest in Utah and the severity of these claims and of the arrest, it’s no surprise that he hasn’t addressed any of this in any significant capacity.

Furthermore, YoungBoy will reportedly await the outcome of this, and of his previous gun possession charge in Louisiana, in his hometown of Baton Rouge. Police reportedly sent him back there after this recent arrest, which will surely impact his previous open case in some way or another. However, it’s unclear what the overlap could be between these circumstances, and whether it would be possible to pursue just one before getting into another. Either way, it seems like a very difficult uphill battle, and one that might determine the next few years of this career trajectory.

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YoungBoy Reportedly Hit With More Charges Of Fraud & Gun Possession

Elsewhere, apparently this is what tipped off pharmacists and police about YoungBoy’s alleged crimes, including him and (supposedly) members of his crew impersonating doctors like one Gwendolyn Cox. “‘Gwendolyn’ sounded as though she was a much younger male from the Southern states,” a probable cause affidavit from Cache County read. “Gwendolyn made a statement. ‘Well, I axed her to and she said that she’ll have you call me.’ This statement was a response to a request that was made to have ‘Gwendolyn’ contact Dispatch and have them transfer her call back through. … (I have) lived in the Southern United States. The terminology in replacing the word ‘ask’ with ‘ax’ or other variations is consistent with a Southern dialect in states such as Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and other southern states.”

“Usually, you don’t get a doctor calling in a cough syrup themselves,” pharmacist Erik Stewart told KUTV of a call from a number that didn’t match with the registered doctor’s office. “That’ll be, like, a nurse or something. But then, just their medical terminology was off [on] the quantities,” he told KUTV. “The way they pronounced the things… everything was suspicious.” For more news and updates on the YoungBoy case, keep checking in with HNHH.

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