[WATCH] Wisconsin Cop Allegedly Plants Drugs In Black Man’s Car During Traffic Stop

A video has gone viral after footage shows a Caledonia, Wisconsin police officer putting a small, black plastic bag in the back seat of a young Black man who was pulled over for a traffic stop. The man ensured his innocence with the phone recording and the officer in question is now under investigation.

Trenchkid Savoo was released without charges, however, the Caledonia Police Department has now released a statement confirming that an investigation is being conducted into Officer Matthew Gorney’s diabolical behavior.

Caledonia Police Chief Christopher Botsch said, “The complete review will take some time, but I have reviewed portions of the body-worn camera video. Please keep in mind that the cell phone video that is circulating depicts only a small portion of the entire encounter; whereas, all available video may provide more context.”