[WATCH] Layzie Bone Says Biggie Tried To Steal Weed During “Notorious Thugs” Studio Session

Bone Thugs N Harmony’s Layzie Bone appeared on Breakbeat Media to discuss making “Notorious Thugs” with the Notorious B.I.G. for his Life After Death LP. Layzie talked about how the late Frank White tried to bounce with two ounces of weed he brought for the session.

“We first got to the studio, it was Lil Cease, Stevie J, Puffy was in there man the whole Bad Boy camp; so I come in, I had two ounces of weed,” said Layzie. He continued, “So the n***a, Biggie Smalls, put my weed in his pocket, man. I’m like ‘Ay n***a.’ [He had it] in both of them. He talking bout he thought I was giving it to him, and I’m like, ‘Nah, n***a, that’s for the party, man.’” 

See the entire interview below.