Florida Rapper Arrested For Murder After Saying He Killed A Man In His Video

Reports have confirmed that aspiring rapper 19-year-old La’Darion Chandler was arrested by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in connection to a shooting death of a 33-year-old man following a verbal altercation in Lakewood, Florida.

Both Chandler and his victim, John McGee, have been classified as gang affiliated, with McGee, otherwise known as “Bang Bang”, just came home after serving four years in prison last year before he was killed by Chandler. McGee was expected to make a full recovery, but refused proper medical care and died 24 days after being shot. In those 24 days, McGee refused to cooperate with law enforcement regarding who shot him.

Chandler was connected to the murder by authorities after they discovered several social media posts and a music video where Chandler bragged about killing McGee. Soonafter, the “Hardcore Criminal” rapper was charged with first degree murder.