[WATCH] DJ Kid Capri Says He’s “Sick As S**t” Battling COVID-19

Just as the Hip Hop community begins to breathe a sigh of relief after hearing the news of DJ Kay Slay being taken off the ventilator in his battle with the deadly COVID-19 virus, quintessential Hip Hop DJ Kid Capri went public with his condition as well as urging others to stay inside and stay healthy.

“I’m sick as shit, man,” he said. “Y’all gotta be careful out there, man. Y’all be careful ’cause it’s bad out there. I’ve been sick for the last three days. Fucking head is pounding. Back hurt. I’m pretty far from good. I just wanted to pop on here and tell y’all take care of yourselves, man. Fuck them parties. Fuck hanging out. If you ain’t gotta be somewhere then don’t go. Just relax, ’cause this shit is no joke.”

See Kid Capri’s IG post HERE

The Brooklyn born/Bronx bred DJ also sent his condolences out to Kay Slay, saying, “I called Kay Slay in the hospital, he told me he almost checked out. He said, ‘I almost checked out last night K.’ He couldn’t even talk, he could hardly talk. But I think he’s getting better though. I’m just fucked up right now, I can’t do shit. I was supposed to do a show in Chicago this week. We canceled everything, we canceled all that shit. I’m not gonna be on Sirius this week. I just can’t do nothing, man. I’m just gonna sit down and try to get rid of this shit, man.”

Many of Hip Hop’s top brass DJs and producers sent their condolences to Capri, including DJ Premier, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Clue, Lord Finesse, Battlecat, Ski Beatz, DJ Green Lantern, Diamond D, Young Guru, Freeway and many others.