Tory Lanez Calls Cassidy One of His Favorite Rappers

After Tory Lanez delivered a firery freestyle on Funkmaster Flex, Cassidy didn’t waste any time accusing the Canadian rapper of biting his style.  And the Canadian rapper didn’t waste any time responding. 

Tory snapped in the booth with his freestyle. While he spit a plethora of punchlines, Lanez also seemingly addressed being framed for the alleged Megan Thee Stallion shooting, which went viral. But when the Larsiny fam rapper heard Tory Lanez freestyle, he heard many similarities in his flow. 

Cassidy took it to Twitter to call out the “SKAT” rapper. Cass said, “I’m @torylanez favorite rapper #RNS Ain’t no denying that  #GoatGang  Show me the respect I deserve & #LetsGetToThisChicken  #BARSisBack #DaEnergy”

Tory followed up and responded to his comments. “U are one of my favorite rappers Cass,” stated Lanez. “What’s the problem?” Then Tory spoke on the respect he had for the Philadelphia battle rapper. “I guess this is what happens when you try to pay homage,” he writes. “The first freestyle I shouted ya name out because you did inspire me. The second one I went on YOUR beat. Sh*t is sad how you old n***as be mad at the young n***as for not showing love then when we do…we get responses like this.”

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It’s safe to say, Cassidy could have took Tory’s freestyle out of context, and rather than Cass seeing it as respect, he took it as a threat. At least Tory did not escalate it too far. Instead he showed the world that he is definitely inspired by Cassidy.