Lil Uzi Vert Reveals He Is Purchasing a Planet

If it’s one thing about Lil Uzi Vert, the rapper has proven himself to be very spontaneous. From dropping unexpected albums to getting a $24 million pink diamond implanted in his head, to purchasing a planet..the rapper never fails to keep his fans in for a surprise.

Apparently, Lil Uzi is now on the verge of becoming the very first human to legally own a planet. “Apparently @LILUZIVERT owns this planet – just a heads up,” said the girlfriend of Elon Musk over a picture of a planet outside of the solar system, called WASP-127b.

Uzi responded back to the tweet showing that he is actually serious about making the historical purchase. “I tried 2 surprise everyone,” he replied. “Still working on it.”

“Documentation almost complete for @LILUZIVERT to legally claim wasp-127b – this is huge! First human to legally own a planet,” Grimes responded.

Grimes, girlfriend of Elon Musk, and Uzi seem to be good friends after the two previously discussed plans to get brain chips by 2022 on Twitter.

“Let’s aim for chips by 2022. it’s experimental surgery but if it succeeds we’ll have the knowledge of the Gods haha,” Grimes wrote.

“Okay !!! I will call u for more detail,” the Eternal Atake rapper responded.

Uzi is by far the most unpredictable rapper when it comes to his purchases. What do you think the rapper will have on his radar next to buy? Check out the post below.