Teyana Taylor Had Medics for COVID-19 Concerns at ‘The Album’ Listening Party

Teyana Taylor debuted her latest project The Album on Friday in Beverly Hills, LA.

It was a star-studded event with food, drinks, and social distancing. The venue was set up to be an experience for listeners there. The album is broken up in 5 parts breaking down 5 separate “studios.” Each with its own vibe and design to accompany the music.

But the singer was faced with some criticism after photos of the party were posted online. The exclusive event went down Wednesday night where stars like Cardi B, Odell Beckham, Migos, Winnie Harlow, Trey Songz, Karrueche, and more gathered to celebrate the project.

Teyana, who is currently pregnant with her second child, went to address to lack of masks and distancing. In an Instagram post, she explained that there were COVID experts and medics there to monitor the party and making sure people were safe.

“For all the internet covid experts … we had REAL Covid Police & medics that made sure we were all safe and able to have a good time all while following covid regulations,” she wrote. “Custom ‘#TheAlbum’ Masks and hazmats suits were also provided!”

She also took the time to thank her friends and family for supporting her. “I want to thank all my family and close friends for coming out to my private album release listening,” Teyana wrote. “It was so much love and positive energy, I am forever so appreciative.”

The “Wake Up Love” singer had an interview with Angie Martinez, and doubled down on her statement stating that she and her team took extra steps to ensure the guests’ safety.

“So this is what I knew was kind of gonna happen,” she told Martinez. “If you notice, we all had yellow suits. They were custom HAZMAT suits … custom masks, everything … It was hot. You know, as a pregnant woman, I can’t breathe in them things. You got to realize, if everybody got on masks, the photographers can’t get what they want … So the moment n****s take their masks off for five minutes, it’s flash, flash, flash, flash … So now it’s just looking like we don’t have ‘em on … as soon as we put them back on, now all the cameras is ghosts, ‘ cause it does nothing for the lenses.”

Teyana explained that it was a 15,000 feet-house with plenty of activity taking place all over. She also said the COVID experts were everywhere at the event. “Pretty much the ‘COVID police’ … You could not even walk in the house without putting on your HAZMAT suit and your mask,” Taylor. “… We were extremely safe.”

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