Tamar Braxton Allegedly Caused $30K Worth of Damage to Fiance’s Rolls Royce

Tamar Braxton is being accused of causing $30K worth of damage to her fiancĂ©, David Adefeso’s Rolls Royce. It doesn’t stop there, Adefeso is also making domestic violence claims against Tamar, saying that he has been a victim of domestic assault by the singer.

It seems to be a tough time for Tamar as of right now, considering the fact that the signer was released from the hospital from a reported suicide attempt. Upon her release, Tamar thanked her friends, family, and fiance for being by her side, but here we are days later with Adefeso filing a restraining order. The news that originally surfaced the internet stated that Adefeso was the one who physically assaulted Braxton, but Adefeso took to Instagram live to clear his name.

“What was said about me grabbing Tamar or anybody else, it is a complete and absolute falsehood,” he begins. “I’ve never, ever ever, and will never will put my hand on a woman. Ever. I’ll speak the truth, and here”s the truth. I’ve been a victim of domestic violence .. domestic assault. A blow to my neck, my jugular. That what carries blood to your brain. When you’re hit there, it discombobulates you. I thought I was gonna crash. It happened when I was driving fast.”

Adefeso then claims that he was allegedly, secretly recorded and that the recording had been leaked to his family and, “other people.”

“Tamar was in the car, my mom started praying,” he said. “Only to find out that after the blow, I was being secretly recorded. The tapes of me in distress, in pain, calling my mom, are being sent to my family,” Adefeso stated.

Adefeso says that he can’t go into detail due to an ongoing investigation, but he does let viewers know of the $30K worth of damage done to his vehicle. “my car was destroyed. I drive as Rolls Royce as many of you know. Almost $30 thousand in damage.” He also lets viewers know that this is labeled as a “criminal case, due to all of the damage and physical assault.

Before closing out, Adefeso lets it be known that despite all of what is going on, his love for Tamar never will go away. “I love Tamar from the bottom of my heart, I always have, and I will continue to.”