Sunny Rain’s Drops Visuals for “Preten”

St. Louis, Missouri-native Sunny Raindrops visuals for “Preten,” following the release of the previous breakout hit, “Country Gramma.” 

Both singles are produced by the standout producer Sir Issac Da Inventor. Heating up the summer with breakout singles from the rap sanga with the visuals to match that takes you on the same ride as the music. Do we have another Dynamic Duo? The sultry yet thuggish Rain has a demeanor that captivates onlookers immediately. Style and swagger are exuded as you watch and listen. “Preten” shot by Elevated Eyez included some of the best editings and gives a bright view of the artist. 

Sunny Rain has just gotten started and already established herself as an artist-to-watch. Watch the birth of a superstar now in the visual below.