Soulja Boy Blasts Accusations That He’s In The Illuminati

Soulja Boy has one of the most simultaneously controversial and influential careers in hip-hop history. While many thought little of him when he burst onto the scene, his Internet presence and new approach to rap, which many others also pioneered, paved the way for generations to come. In fact, the Chicago-born and Atlanta-raised MC recently addressed initial theories of his rise on Instagram Live. Moreover, he spoke on how people thought he was part of the Illuminati, and why his dedication to God makes him a target for the media.

“When I first got in the rap game, a lot of people was like, ‘Soulja Boy an Illuminati,’” he expressed. “‘Soulja Boy joined the Illuminati, that’s how he got his money. That’s how he got famous, that’s how he got rich.’ But guess what? All I ever did was pray to God and stayed in the studio and stayed down until I made it, until I got on. They always gon’ try to discredit you for anything you do.

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Soulja Boy Addresses Claims He’s Part Of The Illuminati

“So first they said I was an Illuminati,” Soulja Boy continued. “Then they said a whole bunch of bulls**t. All you gotta do is believe in God and stay down, bruh, nothing can f**k with you. No weapon formed against me shall prosper, n***a. But, when you really believe in God, you gon’ go through s**t. You gon’ see the media lying on you, you gon’ see n***as you don’t know beefing with you out of nowhere, hating on you. You go through more s**t when you f***in’ with God.

“If I was like a devil a** artist that worship the devil and s**t, I’d be straight,” the 33-year-old concluded. “It wouldn’t be no blogs lying on my name, it wouldn’t be no rappers beefing with me, you know what I’m saying? But since I f**k with God, I’ma go through more s**t than the average person. You gon’ see the media lying on my name. That’s the evil side right there, attacking me, ’cause they know I’m independent.” For more news and the latest updates on Soulja Boy, come back to HNHH.

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