Judge Tells Young Dolph Suspect Relaxing Bond Restrictions Could Get Him Killed

Hernandez Govan, the alleged mastermind behind the murder of Young Dolph, found himself on the wrong side of Judge Lee Coffee this week. Govan was in court to petition the court to relax the limitations and conditions of his bond release. Unfortunately for Govan, that triggered an eight-minute scolding from Coffee. “You wanted to go clothes shopping. I think my response is that you have Amazon.com to deliver your clothing. You also wanted to go grocery shopping. I told you to call Kroger and have them deliver your food to your house,” Coffee told Govan.

The judge also responded to elements of the petition in which Govan requested permission to seek full-time employment while awaiting trial. “I don’t see any reason at all why this court should relax those conditions and say ‘Mr. Govan, we’re going to let you go back to being a fully fledged person with no restrictions at all, go to work when you want to, go shopping when you want to, leave the county when you want go, go to other places when you want to.” He was also informed that Govan had taken several trips out of state since being released on bond in May. “That’s a violation of your bond,” Coffee said. ” I don’t know who gave you permission, but unless you hear from Judge Coffee. It can’t be done unless it’s approved by this court.”

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Judge Tells Young Dolph Suspect Bond Is For His Own Safety

However, Coffee also had a much sterner warning for Govan. It also served as an explanation as to why his bond was so strict. “You are probably aware that Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee is the first most violent metropolitan area in the country. This case has generated a substantial amount of publicity. If you’re running around free in Shelby County, Mr. Govan, knock on wood, somebody might be trying to kill you, sir.”

To conclude, Coffee told Govan to stop requesting relaxations and told him that he could always be sent back to jail. “Mr. Govan, you should be blessed that you are on bond,” Judge Coffee said. “The only other resolution for Judge Coffee is to put you back in jail pending disposition of these charges. Your lawyers have done a great job in getting you released on bond until these cases are settled. But, I do not intend, and I want you to hear me clear, I do not intend, unless there is a substantial change, I do not intend to change the conditions of this bond and say ‘Look, I’ve thought about this and I’m willing to relax this.”

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