R. Kelly Picked Up A Girl At A High School, Chicago Man Alleges In Wild Story

R. Kelly continues to be a controversial part of pop culture, with people either lamenting or celebrating his fall from grace due to his convicted crimes. Moreover, stories of his alleged behavior before this became common knowledge have become pretty common over the past decade or so. Now, we have an example of a Chicago man who recently spoke on a podcast about an alleged moment in which the R&B singer pulled up to a high school to pick up a girl. Folks in the replies had a wide range of reactions, including similar accusations, outright denial of these rumors, and jokes about the situation.

“We outside, we posted up, we all kicking it,” the man began concerning this R. Kelly story. “Me and my best friends, all of us. We outside just kicking it. Man… next thing you know, you just see a banana yellow Hummer pull up on spinners. Before he even get out the car, you just hear *starts singing*. You hear, ‘I’m a gigolo, always on the go.’ He get out the car. Yes, [he was bumping his own music]! He pop out with the face mask and the white durag on his head.

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Chicago Man’s R. Kelly High School Story: Watch

“So there was this female in my hood,” he continued his R. Kelly claims. “We can just say her name Pinky ’cause she was short, thick, and light-skinned. Y’all know who I’m talking about. Everybody choosing up; who they going home with, who they finna go eat Joe’s Pizza with, who they finna go home and do homework with. All that, just whatever, just choosing up. Next thing you know, we see her just walk over to the homie. R. Kelly just hug her, we like, ‘What?!’

“The security at school [was like], ‘And that’s why you gon’ go to jail, boy! Boy, you know you ain’t supposed to be up here!'” he concluded. “But this Chicago, though. So it’s a joke, but we serious. ‘Boy, you going to jail, boy. You out here picking up jail bait! And here we are years later, he’s in jail.” For more news and the latest updates on R. Kelly, stick around on HNHH.

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