Playboi Carti’s Diss Track Has Benji Blue Bills Dipping From The Studio, “Whole Lotta Red” Rapper Seems Unbothered In New Selfie

Benji Blue Bills didn’t appreciate someone starting up Playboi Carti‘s new diss track about him. “Turn that sh-t off,” Benji could be heard yelling as he stormed out of the studio he was working in. Of course, the pair have been beefing for a while now. However, Benji’s reaction feels a little dramatic given he dropped an entire response to Carti’s “I’m looking for Benji” diss. What did you think of the diss? Let us know in the comments.

However, Carti appeared unbothered by the drama as he dropped a new selfie on Instagram. Many fans were wowed by the image, with several going as far as to ask for Carti’s skincare routine. Elsewhere, Carti is still building the hype surrounding his upcoming album, although details about the project remain scarce.

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Iggy Azalea Goes After Playboi Carti For Home Video

However, Benji Blue Bills isn’t the only person feuding with Carti. After a VHS-style home video of Carti spending time with his son went viral online, Iggy Azalea took to X to express how she felt about the father-son moment. “Its cool how you can fit damn near every visit into just one video 🤍 Talented!” Azalea wrote in direct response to one post of the video. Azalea’s implication appears to be that Carti doesn’t spend enough time with Onyx and thus can fit all of his father-son time into a concise 2:40-long video.

However, fans on the whole weren’t taking Azalea’s side in the matter. “RESPECT CARTI HES OUR GLORIOUS KING,” one Carti fan wrote. “Probably cause you don’t let him hang out with him,” added another, directly addressing Azalea’s claims. “This was special for everybody and you had to ruin it,” lamented a third. Of course, Azalea’s die-hard fanbase quickly rushed to her defense, leading to a pitched battle of Carti stans and Iggy stans in the comments section. However, Carti himself has not responded to Azalea’s comments.

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Playboi Carti Shares New Selfie