Memphitz Claims K. Michelle Lied About Abuse To Derail His Wedding

Memphitz has hit back at claims that he physically abused K. Michelle. Appearing on a talk show, Memphitz claimed that Michelle had straight up told him that she was going to telling people that he abused her. This was due to Michelle not wanting to see him happy in his then-upcoming marriage to Toya. This goes against the deposition that Memphitz underwent in which he admitted to abusing Michelle. However, in this new clip, which you can see in full below, Memphitz bluntly states that he “never hit that crazy b-tch”.

However, fans weren’t having it online. “He so sick he know he beat the daylights out that woman because we seen how you treated Toya. SMH only if Rasheeda woulda believed K. Michelle and warned her friend 🤦🏾‍♂️,” one person noted. “I mean her songs bout u came out before u got with Toya so math not mathing 😂,” added another. In short, it seems like Memphitz’s claims that Michelle was just trying to cause trouble for him have fallen on deaf ears.

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Memphitz Still Insists K. Michelle Is Lying

However, this isn’t the first time that Memphitz has used the argument that Michelle lied. Back in September, after allegations came out about Carlos King, Memphitz jumped on the train demonizing the embattled producer. “He’s also the one that told K.Michelle to tell people I hit her before. All of Ratings. K told me. My brother right? Way ta go Los. Kim told Me he coached her on what to say & how to say it so her story line would get ratings. F-ck me huh?” Memphitz said.

Furthermore, Memphitz received a pretty fiery response from the now-husband of Toya. After Memphitz had posted a picture from his time with Toya, her current husband hit him with the Will Smith Oscars moment and a stern caption. “I was raised in GA, one thing my good brother @troubleman31 always taught us. DISRESPECT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. PERIOD!!!’ AND IM STANDING ON THAT SH-T 110 PERCENT,” Robert Rushing wrote on social media.

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