Nicki Minaj Seemingly Hits At Pardison Fontaine Infidelity Rumors In Latest Megan Thee Stallion Response

Nicki Minaj has continued to respond to the shade thrown at her by Megan Thee Stallion in her latest track, “Hiss”. “Megan’s law. For a free beat you could hit #MeganRAW,” Minaj tweeted late Friday night. While the tweet could be taken several ways, one popular theory is that it refers to rumors about Megan’s ex, Pardison Fontaine. As noted on Megan’s late 2023 track “Cobra”, she allegedly walked in on her ex having unprotected sex with another woman in her bed.

However, the beef between the two rappers is running deep and fierce. While “Hiss” hit on a lot of beefs Megan has in the industry, she went after Nicki’s family in the Minaj-specific bars. Specifically, she went after Nicki’s husband, convicted sex offender Kenneth Petty. While Minaj is understandably furious about the bars, many of her fans felt that Megan went too far in comparison to some of her other disses.

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Fans Await Drake Response To Megan Thee Stallion

Meanwhile, fans are eagerly awaiting the response of another rapper named in the fiery track. Drake is yet to respond to the claims made by Megan in the song. Megan took aim at the Canadian rapper and long-time friend of Tory Lanez with some savage bars. “These n-ggas hate on BBLs and be walkin’ ’round with the same scars (Ah)/ Real curvy, no edgin’, n*ggas fight to get in my section (My section),” Megan rapped, seemingly in reference to Drake. However, Drake has remained silent for the moment. This is somewhat surprising, given that For All The Dogs was full of Drizzy airing out beef. Despite his silence, fans are eager to see how, and if, Drake will respond.

“People are asking how Nicki is going to respond but I’m more curious about how BBL, etched abs, accent switching, Bad bitch Drake is going to respond,” one fan wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “If Drake “fires back” he’s simply confirming the BBL allegations,” argued another. But some fans felt that they would have to wait. “Drake is very predictable with his disses he’s gonna wait until later this year to release a mid 20 track album just so he can sneak diss and throw subs in track 2,” theorized one person. When do you think Drake will respond? Let us know in the comments.

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