Metro Boomin Addresses Unfortunate Setback In Lil Durk Collaboration Project

Metro Boomin recently took to social media to deliver some bittersweet news. Specifically, the news was for fans eagerly anticipating his joint project with Lil Durk. Despite having teased the collaboration for four years, Metro revealed that the much-anticipated project would not be seeing the light of day. In an announcement on Wednesday (January 24), Metro Boomin shared with fans that the collab project is not coming out. The Lil Durk collab project, which had been in the works for an extended period, was officially scrapped. Responding to a fan’s inquiry about the unreleased project, Metro disclosed that although the record was nearly complete. And the music was exceptional, a series of unfortunate leaks had derailed the entire venture.

“Why that tape with you and Durk never dropped? The leaks were too fire,” asked the fan. In response, Metro Boomin explained, “We had it bout ready and it was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 but the leaks ruined it.” The collaborative album, initially teased on Instagram in February 2020. Itseemingly titled No Auto, but it faced setbacks due to multiple songs being leaked. This included anticipated tracks like the Lil Baby collaboration “Project Baby,” “High Demand,” and “I Am No Auto,” being prematurely leaked.

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Metro Boomin Says The Project Was Fire

Furthermore, the revelation is undoubtedly disheartening for fans who were anticipating the fusion of Metro Boomin’s signature production style with Lil Durk’s lyrical prowess. The project, which held significant promise, now stands as a casualty of unforeseen leaks that compromised the integrity of the unreleased music. Hopefully one day in the future fans can see it come to light.

Moreover, while this setback may be disappointing, Metro Boomin assured fans that he has several other projects lined up for release throughout the year. Despite the unfortunate turn of events with the Lil Durk collaboration, fans can still look forward to more music from the renowned producer in the coming months. The resilience of artists in the face of such challenges continues to exemplify the ever-evolving nature of the music industry.

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