Nets Co-Owner Almost Spills Drink On Jay-Z While Sitting Court-side

Happy Hov just laughed it off. Jay-Z has internet impressed with recent self-expressive moments that have been caught on camera lately.

Everyone marveled at his reaction to seeing his sis, Kelly Rowland at “The Harder They Fall” movie premiere earlier this month.

On Wednesday night, Jay-Z went to see his beloved Brooklyn Nets. In his usual courtside seat, he was joined by Meek Mill and a number of associates. One of those associates was Clara Wu Tsai, who is a Nets co-owner, and founding partner of REFORM Alliance.

During a Blake Griffin alley-oop dunk, Wu Tsai mistakenly spilled his drink on him, in excitement for the play.

One person even tweeted Wu Tsai’s alleged net worth, noting that Bleacher Report should put more respect on her name than just a pronoun.

Jay-Z’s reaction was not one of worry, but one that was carefree. He obviously knows Wu Tsai extremely well. His reaction will be added to the Hov’s Hall of Fame meme board along with his swimming pool dive, bike ride, beach workout, and more.

The Nets went on to lose the game, 106-93, making the spilled drink just a result of short-lived excitement.