NBA Youngboy Called Floyd Mayweather a 'B*tch A$$ Daddy' while Responding to Kodak Black

It didn’t take long before NBA Youngboy responded to Kodak Black’s comments about him cooperating with the police on the arrest of his “wife” Iyanna Mayweather, nicknamed Ya Ya.

In an InstaLive video, he had venom for the incarcerated Florida rapper, a pop-out from Yaya and a little juicy tidbit asserting his disrespect for Floyd Mayweather.

NBA Youngboy said, “The f*ck a n*gga watching me for. A n*ggas said I cooperated… about what you stupid b*tch… huh… about my wife? Iyanna get up. Come ‘re. You talking about this girl right here?”

He then pans to a tussled pinkish-haired Mayweather— “My wife? You talking about my wife… inside my house that I paid for and not her b*tch a$$ daddy? huh?”


The level of bass in his voice was unsettling. But not to Ya Ya, who popped up over his shoulder to make sure that people could see her face, not wincing as he again called her father (and up until this point sole provider) a “b*tch a$$.”

More than anything, he was upset that Kodak Black would comment on him from inside of jail. He asks KB the question: “Aren’t you supposed to be a gangster?”