Mysonne and Wack 100 Engage in Fiery Social Media Beef

Dj Akademiks has made the announcement that he will soon be joining the podcast world. He recently took to his Instagram to announce the big move, with a picture of Wack 100 and Tekashi 6ix9ine sitting across from one another, a conversation that fans have been anticipating.

“The first episode of my new podcast is filmed. Now being edited. Ya’ll better welcome be nicely to this podcast space. I came here for straight chaos and to be #1,” Akademiks posted.

To say Tekashi 69 is the most hated right now may be an understatement. The rapper has been constantly trolling with no limits, and to many, has broken the street code by being an informant against the Trey Nine Bloods in a racketeering case. Many were upset to see Wack 100 sit down with Tekashi 6ix9ine for a three-hour conversation and not put his hands on him as they expected.

Wack 100 responded to the critics on social media. “The difference between me & you is simple,” Wack began. “I do wtf I wanna do.”

“@akademiks put that 3hr interview up I did with @6ix9ine he showed up with no security & all his Jewlery after clubbing all night don’t expect me to do something to em and you negros didn’t ! I see EM as a civilian he told the truth. Blame the streets and that block for allowing a civilian to wear the hat of a gangsta ! Sad day when the so called hustler is being hustled by the good kid from the Corner deli !”

While Wack’s intent may have been to clear his name. Rapper Mysonne isn’t letting the manager of Blueface Bleedem walk away so easily. “‘Wack’ 100 is the BIG BAD Blood that just Did a 3 hr Interview with The RaT That told on the Bloods..You can’t make this sh*t up,” he wrote on Instagram. Mysonne then continued by telling kids to stay out the streets and not join the gangs because there is no honor and integrity.

Wack 100 responded to the rapper saying that he ran with VLADTV and adding that he is a rapper who never had a rap career.

Check out the back and forth below. Will you tune into DJ Akademiks’ podcast?

Wack’s responses

Mysonne’s Responses