Cardi B Is Reportedly Due To Give Birth in September

Cardi B is pregnant with her second child and is expecting to give birth in September.

All Hip Hop reported that the rapper requested a new court date for her case with culture commentator, Tasha K, due to her pregnancy. The original court date is scheduled for September 13th.

Cardi’s lawyer, Lisa F. Moore wrote, “[Cardi B”] recently announced that she is pregnant with her second child. [Cardi B] will be unable to attend trial on the currently scheduled dates because she is scheduled to give birth around that time.”

Cardi’s OBGYN also “advised her that she will not be able to travel for a period of time before and after delivery,” and the document claims the “Bodak Yellow” rapper wants the trial pushed to November.

Cardi B filed a $75K defamation lawsuit against the YouTuber who alleged that she is a former prostitute who was spreading HPV. Tasha filed a counter lawsuit claiming the Bronx native threatened to send gang members to her house.

The counter lawsuit was dismissed earlier this month.