Marshawn Lynch Is A Queer Ally In High School Sex Comedy “Bottoms”

Bottoms is one of the most hotly-anticipated films of 2023. A reunion of director Emma Seligman and actress Rachel Sennott (who first teamed up for the 2020’s Shiva Baby), the film is a re-invention of the teen sex comedy genre. The genre which gave us films like American Pie, Van Wilder, Superbad, and Porky’s has stagnated in recent years. However, Seligman is determined to reinvent the genre with an infusion of queerness, feminism, and letting high school girls be horny weirdos.

Sennott and Ayo Edebiri (Big Mouth, The Bear) play PJ and Josie, two queer high school seniors who start a self-defense club for women after being accused of hitting the school’s star quarterback with their car. In actuality, PJ and Josie are hoping that the club will allow them to get close to their crushes, who are currently members of the cheer squad. After premiering at Sundance earlier this year, the film finally has its first trailer. Furthermore, stepping into a surprise supporting role is former NFL star, Marshawn Lynch.

“Bottoms” Give Us Queer Weirdos And Ally Marshawn Lynch

As mentioned, Bottoms follows PJ and Josie’s journey to try and get some girl-on-girl action with their cheerleader crushes. Finding themselves at the very bottom of the social ladder, an unfortunate encounter with Jeff, the school’s star quarterback, leads them to mitigate disaster with the foundation of a self-defense club.

The club quickly becomes, as many have dubbed the film as a whole, “gay fight club” and quickly begins to mutate beyond the original vision that PJ and Josie had. The trailer features all-girl hit squads, plenty of violence, and Marshawn Lynch. Lynch plays Mr. G, a teacher at the school and the club sponsor for the gay fight club. While a little unclear from the trailer, Lynch appears to be part-ally, part-enabler for both the club and the plan of the protagonists. However, he is sure to be a great addition to the cast, given his natural comedic talent. For real, Lynch is a hilarious actor and is sure to add an additional little spark to Bottoms. Prepare yourself for some messy high schoolers and queer chaos when Bottoms drops on August 25.