Man Shoots Hotel Clerk in Atlanta After Asking ‘Where’s 21 Savage?’

A worker at a Hilton Atlanta front desk was shot three times by a guest who came asking for the location of 21 Savage.

The guest was described as “delusional” to 11 Alive News and was check into the hotel a day before the incident.

“The guy, he’s a guest, we checked him in yesterday and he just came downstairs – I kid you not, just tripping, just saying, ‘I’m looking for 21 Savage,’” a witness said. “Kid you not, he said, ‘Where’s 21 Savage?’ He started tripping and he pulled a gun out on the girl at the front desk and pistol-whipped her a few times and he let off about four shots and I believe he struck my co-worker.”

The woman was shot twice in the shoulder and once in the arm. She is listed in stable condition.

The incident happened after 2 a.m. and police state the suspect “may have been under the influence of drugs which contributed to the attack.”

The witness states the woman who was attacked never said a word. The man just went on attack.

“She didn’t say anything. Just walked up saying, ‘Where is 21 Savage,’” he said. “Verbatim, ‘Where the f*** is 21 Savage.’”