Lil Uzi Claims He’s a Year Younger Than He Is

It turns out that rapper Lil Uzi may be a little younger than we thought.

Lil Uzi, whose real name is Symere Bysil Woods and is 26-years-old according to music records, claims that his mother found his birth certificate and he’s actually a year younger than he is.

This will make the Philadelphia rapper 25-years-old rather than 26. 
He went on Twitter to announce the news. “Wait wtf I’m turning 26??? My mom found my birth certificate,” he tweeted. 

Although Uzi hasn’t provided proof of the recovered document, he claims he’s a year younger. 

Last year Uzi tweeted that he was going to die at the age of 27, so maybe him saying that he’s a year younger is him fixing his mind on not turning 27. In November of last year, he tweeted,

“I let this go for so long I never said I was gonna die Dont you know leave this earth is a term for taking DMT. I thought I was gonna really be one of those High ass Niggas at 27 ……. SAY NO TO DRUGS !!!!!”

Lil Uzi’s birthday is approaching on July 31. Maybe Lil Uzi is turning 27, but mentally doesn’t want to. Maybe he wants to stay lil for a little longer. 

Have you ever lied about your age for one reason or another?