Famous Dex Apologizes to Fans Following King Von Diss

Chicago native Famous Dex has turned heads after getting on his Instagram live and dissing King Von.

It all begin when Dex got on his Instagram Live, with all intent to disrespect the “Crazy Story” rapper. “King Von you a b*tch,” Dex begins. “Suck my d*ck. You got 6ix9ine going to O Block. Hoe a** n*gga. Go get on 6ix9ine a** before you say anything about me. Cause he all on y’all block. Disrespecting y’all dead n*ggas.”

King Von added fuel to the fire after going on his Instagram and posting, “N*ggas better hope God got some room for they b*tch a**.”

From the stories that he tells in his songs, we don’t want a Crazy Story part 3! It is unclear as to what happened behind the scenes but Dex returned to his social media, apologizing to his fans.

I ain’t go’ say anybody’s name cause I get people famous off doing that,” he stated. “You supposed to be from Chicago. We supposed to be together, like coming together. F*ck Chicago, we supposed to be coming together ’cause Black on Black—Black power, you know what I’m saying?… All the other stuff, I just wanna say I love me and I’m apologizing to my fans because my fans know that’s not Dexter. F*ck anybody else, that’s how I feel.”

We hope to see the two Chicago natives be able to work out their differences.