Christian Combs’ Birthday Wish From Quincy Brown Shows Their Brotherly Love

As Diddy‘s name continues to be splattered throughout the media with harrowing allegations and troll posts from opps like 50 Cent, his seven children are doing their best to stay positive. Even amid accusations of trafficking and assault, the “Moments” artist looked cool, calm, and collected when stepping out with his twin daughters following the raids at his mansions last month. Elsewhere, his oldest sons, Quincy Brown and Christian Combs (also known as King) aren’t keeping quiet as the latter celebrates his 26th birthday.

On Monday (April 1), the New York native’s big day came around, and his older brother’s Instagram lit up with a heartfelt tribute post that shows how fond they are of each other. “Happy Birthday Christian Casey Combs! ♚ My Young King! I love you with all my heart. 💜🎈,” Brown wrote in his caption. “They can try and stop us but we are not STOPPIN’ THE COUPE… AND THAT’S THE TRUTH! 🏎️ 💨.”

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Christian Combs Celebrates His 26th Birthday

Rather than condemning them for Diddy’s drama, the comments are being flooded with messages of praise for the young men. “Not gone lie, outta all the chaos going on seeing the kids in good spirit makes me smile. They literally look identical to their fathers I love this 😍,” one IG user expressed. “It’s hella wild, growing up in the 90s to straight up see Al B. Sure and Puff Daddy doing a song together, fast forward 25 years later. Man! Kim literally birthed both of ’em! ❤❤,” another added.

Even though Al B. sure is urging his son to come home, it’s unclear whether Quincy has been spending more time with his biological father amid Diddy’s downward spiral. At the very least, we know the “Black Lingerie” singer is still sticking by his siblings’ sides as they navigate this confusing time. Read more about what Christian Combs and his siblings have been facing lately at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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